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Robert Gascoigne (Lt Colonel (Retired))

After 34 years in the British Army I can settle into a retirement that allows me to follow my passion for a number of forms of art although my current interest is with epoxy resin. I gather much of my inspiration from the many environments and cultures I have experienced around the world, but primarily from my love of the sea.  Epoxy resin offers a unique medium for representing the wildness and beauty of our seas and oceans.

I'm now lucky enough to be living by the Sea in Dawlish, Devon, and even though my initial motivation was to create artwork and resin related items for myself, my work seems to be well received and I have now completed my first commission ('Sand Dollars at Anna Maria Island') and my other items are selling well in local shops.  If you like my art and have any questions, or have a specific project you would like to propose, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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