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Coryton Beach

One of my first projects inspired by the beach below our house here in Dawlish.  The sea isn't always blue due to the clay based soil along the coast but on a summers days it's great to laze the day away watching the waves come in. 


Selection of white resin to use for the waves and wash is key.  This one uses GOLDEN, HEAVY BODY ACRYLIC PAINT to ensure the cells remain small - giving the impression of larger scale.


Close up of the waves shows how the layers of resin provide both depth to the sea and a great likeness to real waves rolling in from the Atlantic.


All frames are homemade with 6mm plywood strengthened by 8 by 24 mm lat.  This image shows the heat resistant tape on the back to ensure all dripping resin can be easily removed before hanging wire attached. 


How it might look?


<a href="">Wood photo created by vanitjan -</a>

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