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Sand Dollars at Anna Maria Island

1. Sand Dollars

These sand dollars came from Anna Maria Island in Florida and I was asked to put them onto a beach with waves lapping over them.


3. Where to put the dollars & shells.

Settled on the positioning of the shells and where the waves would go (in my mind).  I will drop them into the first resin layer and use a second layer to partially bury them. 


5. First 2 waves in

Delighted with the lapping waves and depth the layers have given to the sea.  


2. Base layer

Acrylic Paint base layer - golden sands leading to a deeper sea.  Colours in the resin can now be more subtle as they are overlaid. 


4. First layers down

2 resin layers down using a lolly pop stick to push the resin close to the shells. Resin colours starting look good and shells have settled into the resin well - can't wait to get the waves in!


6. All Done

Final wave all done.  Very please with the outcome!


If you like the finished piece and would like to purchase something similar - let me know.

Perhaps you have some shells of your own from a special holiday?

If you have any questions about this piece or the techniques I used, by all means drop me a line.

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